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我们的宝贝MELODY十一岁了!Our baby MELODY is 11 years old!

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Our baby MELODY is 11 years old!

2004年12月MELODY首次室内全场篮球活动! December, 2004: MELODY’s First Indoor Full CourtBasketball Activity!


Dearest MELODY members and friends,


Today is our 11th birthday. 11 years ago, or 4,017days ago to be exact, we had our first basketball activity at an outdoor courtin Shanghai Stadium. We didn’t have a name then, but as the founder of theclub, I remember we were eight female ballers playing together that Saturdaynight. May 22, 2004, a day I will never forget.

MELODY首场对外比赛(与上海协和国际学校女篮一队)MELODY’s first ever external game against CISS Varsity.


So, on this special day, I would like to write alittle something. Well, not exactly a little…but something!

MELODY第二场对外比赛(与上海协和国际学校女篮一队)MELODY’s second external game against CISS Varsity. (装备准备起! Gear all set up!)


Last year when we celebrated our10th anniversary, we had a big home party going through our club’s story,and we ate a lot of food. (Yes, really a lot of food) This year, I decided thatwe celebrate it online and within our hearts. (All right, I am just being lazythis year.) We will do another recap in our 20th anniversary, yes this is apromise!

2005年6月20日与建平中学女篮赛后照 (进攻完全无法过半场的节奏!)

June 20, 2005: Group photoafter a friendly game with Jian Ping High School Varsity Team (We were not ableto pass through half court on offense!)


Time flies, again we have another birthday. As one ofthe oldest amateur women's basketball clubs in the country, we are happy to beone of the role models for new clubs forming around the nation.

2005年10月23日MELODY的篮球日! October 23, 2005: MELODY Basketball Day!


This year we are doing something a little different aswe have been interviewing similar clubs around the country and the world,hoping to be connected. Throughout the 11 years, people have been asking me,what is your goal for the club? I was not able to properly answer this questionuntil last year. The goal for MELODY is create a platform for female ballers toplay. Just as simple as that.

2006年2月25日MELODY轰趴!February 25, 2006: MELODY Home Party!


But of course behind this simple goal, there are manyother mini-goals that we hope to achieve. In the coming year our teams willcontinue to organize training sessions and games (and recruit new players), wewill keep connecting with other amateur women's basketball clubs around thecountry and learn about women's basketball around the world. We hope to buildthese connections so that every female baller can find a place to play nomatter where they go.

2007年1月27日 MELODY与上海美国学校浦西校区女篮一队的赛前合照. January 27, 2007: Group photo prior to thefriendly game against SAS Puxi Varsity Team


Earlier this year I had the chance to be a femaleballer and play in the clubs in Paris, London and Seoul. The experience inthese three cities verified the fact that basketball is a language herself. Youmay not speak the country's language or know the players in the team before thefirst session you attend, but the basketball magic will do its thing and putyou in a position where everything seems to be right. You no longer feel you'rein a foreign place or with a group of strangers, but the familiarity ofeverything about this team sport makes you feel at ease being wherever you are.All right, what I want to say is ballers are cool and friendly people!

2007年4月22日MELODY主场对战上海汉晨女篮. April 22, 2007: MELODY vs Shanghai Hanchs Women's Basketball.

明年我决定创业,做女子体育的项目。非常期待即将为女子篮球爱好者们组织比赛和活动。虽然这个创业项目会和MELODY分开,因为MELODY她永远会是一个社区组织和平台,但我相信这个创业项目会吸引到国内外女篮篮球爱好者的。国内外?当然,她们说,要先想得到才能做得到,所以要想大一点!;) (为何明年呢?因为很快我会离开我现在的工作开始我的gap year玩一年顺便为明年的创业项目做一些准备!)

Next year I have decided to start my own business inwomen's sports and look forward to organizing basketball tournaments and events for female ballers. Though it will be separated from MELODY, as MELODY will always be a community sports club; I believe the business I plan to do willcater to the needs and demands of the female ballers around the country (and of course, the world). Because they say, you gotta think big before you can achieve something big. ;) (Why next year? Because I will soon leave my job andam taking a gap year to have some fun while preparing for the business!)

2007: MELODY三岁生日! MELODY’s 3rd Birthday!


A sneak peek to next year, if your club is looking totravel and participate in a 5v5 basketball tournament in Singapore, startsaving up and prepare for this trip. It will be a tournament with theSingaporean, Malaysian and Chinese teams at the amateur level playing inSingapore in the second half of 2016. More information will be shared once thedetails are confirmed!

2007年10月:MELODY“只有女生”三对三篮球挑战赛!MELODY “Ladies Only” 3v3 Basketball Tournament!


Last week a potential member sent me a WeChat textasking when she can come to audition for one of our teams. I wrote her back andexplained to her that due to the limited resources we have since everyone inthe management team is a volunteer, we have to limit the number of players inthe teams to ensure the quality of each basketball session we organize.  I felt her pain having to wait before she canplay, and advised her to search for another platform as there are many othersin Shanghai while waiting. Her exact phrase was, "I just want toplay". This made me cringe. It was (and still is) the motivation I hadmore than 11 years ago until now which made me start and persist with MELODY,as honestly, I only wanted to find a place to play.

2009年:MELODY五岁生日!MELODY’s 5th Birthday!


But what if everyone only wants to find a place toplay? Let me tell you what will happen. Nothing. Nothing will happen becausesomeone has to organize and create that platform so everyone can play. So who are these “someones”? :) Through out the 11 years, we have several members that MELODY would like to thank for.

Vin, Jessie (A1), Kitty (熊熊), Cooper, Natasha (麦子), Jasmine, Joan, Steph, Theresa, Jojo (土根), July,Talent(天才),Bee, Chris (老太), Lucy, Vian, Yaya, Seven, Asoka, Monkey (猴子), Karen (湾湾), Jiayi, Curara, Rain, Emma, Culon,Koko

2009年12月12日MELODY组织和上海女篮交流! December 12th, 2009: MELODY visited Shanghai Octopus Women’s Basketball Club!


Though a number of them are no longer active in the management team, they are still supporting for us in some way! We appreciate the time and effort every single one of you had contributed or are contributing to this platform. Special thanks to all of you. In addition we would also like to thank every member and friend who has been part of MELODY in any way throughout these 11 years, it has not been easy. Without your support, MELODY would not be here today.Your Presence Makes a Difference.Yes it really does!

2010年7月13日:MELODY在洛克即兴3对3篮球活动! July 13, 2010:MELODY’s 3v3 Basketball Activity at Rucker Park!


For me, it's like having a second job but not “gettingpaid” for it, and a few occasions, having to pay (money) to get what I'm hopingto get (play). Well, I would like to correct that today. I did “get paid” forall the work I've done. It's just the “payment” wasn't given in cash! :) Forthe time I have invested in MELODY, whether it was coordinating activities,liaising with various members to set up an event, introducing our club topotential members, or writing an article; I have been “getting paid”.

2011年1月22日MELODY精灵队聚会! January 22nd, 2011: MELODY ELves’ Social Activity!


The sense of achievement, the happiness I felt thatmade me smile, the sense of belonging, the friends I met who are for life bythe way, the work experience gained and the skills I've had the opportunity toimprove through managing and leading this club are the rewards to my work. Andof course the most important "payment" is I get to play, I have aplace to play basketball. This is, I believe, the biggest and main reason whyevery member who was and is volunteering to be part of the management team, wasand is motivated to take time out of her free time to give to the club and do alittle something. So here we summarized what this platform means to us!

2013年3月:MELODY月亮队vs AKS Select的赛后集体照. March, 2013:MELODY Moonie group photo with AKS Select.


What does MELODY mean to you?

2013年5月18日:MELODY月亮队新昌篮球之旅! May 18th, 2013: MELODY Moonie XinchangBasketball Tour!

一个可以打球的平台A place to playbasketball

2013年12月:MELODY精灵队和第一财经男篮的友谊赛. December, 2013: Friendly game with YicaiMen's Team.

一个可以遇到同样热爱篮球的朋友的地方 A place to meet friends who share the same passion

2013年8月23日:MELODY精灵队烤鱼聚会! August 23rd, 2013: MELODY Elves’Social Activity!

A second home 第二个家

2013年1月24日MELODY月亮队聚会K歌! January 24, 2013: MELODY Moonie KTVActivity!

一个游乐场 A playground

2013年4月14日:MELODY月亮队训练后集体照! April 14, 2013: MELODY MooniePost-Training Group Photo!

一直都在的家 A family who isalways there

2010年11月26日:MELODY精灵队厦门篮球之旅! November 26, 2010: MELODY Elves XiamenBasketball Tour!

给我归属感 Gives me a sense of belonging

2013年12月:MELODY月亮队和SMIC女篮友谊赛! December, 2013:Friendly Game with SMIC Varsity!

可以找到真正的友谊的地方 Where real friendships can be found

2013年7月:MELODY精灵队成都篮球之旅! July, 2013: MELODY Elves ChengduBasketball Tour!

一种生活方式 A kind of lifestyle

2011年1月:数年后我们再次迎战上海协和国际学校! January, 2011: Friendly Game Against CISSVarsity after Several Years!

一个我可以只专注于打球的平台 A platformthat I can focus on just playing

2014年1月:MELODY月亮队年会! January, 2014: MELODY Moonie’s AnnualParty!

一个爱好 A hobby

2013年12月:MELODY精灵队年会! December, 2013: MELODY Elves’ AnnualParty!

一个鼓励我坚持运动的平台 A platform that encourages me to continue and persistin exercising

2011年10月:MELODY月亮队家庭小聚! October, 2011: Small Social HomeGathering!

一个给让我把负能量转换为正能量的地方 A place that gives me positivity in life

2014年5月:MELODY月亮队和财大女篮友谊赛! May, 2014: MELODY Moonie vs SUFE Women’sBasketball Team!

一个和我一起成长的地方A platform thatgrows with me

我们爱鞋!We Love Shoes!

一个习惯 A habit

2013年5月17日:MELODY月亮队新昌篮球之旅在车站集体照! May 17, 2013: MELODY Moonie Group Photo atthe Station for Xinchang Basketball Tour!

一个让我想一直待在上海的理由 A reasonwhy I want to stay in Shanghai

2012年2月:MELODY水果队vs复旦国际学校女篮友谊赛! February,2012: MELODY Say-Go vs FIS Varsity!

一个让我找到自己的地方 A place that helps me to find my self

2012: MELODY水果队训练后集体照! 2012: MELODY Say-Go Post Training Group Photo!


The list goes on…whatever MELODY means to you, we hopeit bring some happiness and fun to your life.  Let’s take this opportunity to thank the founders of basketball!

MELODY的妈妈们! Moms in MELODY!


詹姆斯·奈史密斯教授 Dr. James Naismith

森达·倍任森 Senda Berenson

1902年打球我们坐在桶上面拍照! 1902: We used to sit in baskets for group photos!

那个年代的跳球原来如此优雅~ Jump Ball in the Early Times!

大家说美不美啊! Look at this!

Basketball was founded by Dr. James Naismith inDecember, 1891, which is about 124 years ago. Women's basketball was introducedby Senda Berenson the year after in 1892. It is not a new phenomenon thatwomen's sports is always behind men's sports, women's sports always get limitedfunds, support and attention; but let's do something different for basketball,for our love for this team sport. We hope that clubs around the country andworld will continue to grow and one day we'll create a playground and have aninternational basketball carnival together! Basketball is team sport, andwe will be able to do this if we hold our hands and work together to achieve the same goal. Let's do it before 2034!

2014年5月:MELODY十岁生日! May, 2014: MELODY’s 10thAnniversary!


Happy 11th Birthday, our dear MELODY and friends ofbasketball! We all love this game!




Below an extract of what our members feel about MELODY!

2012年6月:MELODY精灵队聚会! MELODY Elves’ Social!



2013年6月:MELODY月亮队训练后聚会! June, 2013: MELODY Moonie Social afterTraining!




2010年MELODY“我想打篮球”5对5篮球赛! 2010: MELODY “IWant to Play” 5v5 Basketball Tournament!


2011年MELODY“我想打篮球”5对5篮球赛!2011: MELODY “IWant to Play” Basketball Tournament!

MELODY means another home to me. The magic trick isthat I don’t even know some of the girls’ real names, but I still put my trustin them and rely on them on the court. I feel relaxed to hang out with the teamafter my work hours and always look forward to attending the two hours trainingevery weekend.

2010年10月:MELODY“只有女生”3对3篮球挑战赛! October, 2010: MELODY “Ladies Only” 3v3 Basketball Tournament!



2010年10月:MELODY偶遇艺人! October, 2010: Met Celebrities!



2006: MELODY赛后集体照!MELODY Post-Game Group Photo!



2005年:MELODY早期比赛! 2005: A Friendly Game in the Early Yearsof the Club!



2005年冬天: MELODY溜冰活动! Winter 2005: MELODY Skating SocialActivity!


2006年5月:MELODY郊游! May, 2006: MELODY’s Outing!


2009年11月:MELODY精灵队早期赛中照片! November, 2009: MELODY Elves Photo duringa Game!



2009年9月:MELODY参加市里组织的3对3比赛!Took Part in a 3v3 Basketball Tournament in the City!

MELODY对我来说是一个大家庭!MELODY is my part of mylife!

2008年12月:MELODY精灵队赛后集体照!December, 2008: MELODY Elves Post-Game Group Photo!